Pre-insulated pipes and fittings

Thermo-Click is able to supply a complete range of pre-insulated pipes and fittings. Along with our other products this enables us to supply a complete solution.

The the following choices and product structure are available:

  • Carrier pipe of steel (St.37, St.35.8 or galvanised pipe)
  • Carrier pipe of stainless steel 304L, 316L or Blucker
  • Carrier pipe of plastic (ABS, PEH, PVDF, PVC or GRP)
  • Carrier pipe of copper or the customer’s own pipe
  • Insulation of PUR foam
  • Insulation standard –40ºC to 140ºC.
  • Insulation for high temperature >140ºC + core of mineral wool.
  • Insulation for tracing (heat tracer – steam)
  • Casing in grey PEH
  • Casing in black PEH
  • Casing in white PEH (option)