Product advantages

Using Thermo-Click you have all the advantages.

Thermo-Click gives you the following advantages when it comes to installation, technology, economy during installation and maintenance.

Installation advantages

  • Piping and insulation in a single procedure
  • You will never forget Thermo-Click
  • Thermo-Click is applied swiftly and easily
  • Thermo-Click requires no special training
  • Thermo-Click minimizes the use of scaffolding
  • Thermo-Click can be opened for inspection

Technical advantages

  • 100% watertight solution
  • Efficient protection of the carrier pipe
  • High mechanical strength
  • Pipe support applied directly on the casing
  • Resistant to chemicals and UV rays
  • Long service life

Economical advantages

  • Good economy (LCC)
  • Procurement = < conventional method
  • Installation costs = < conventional method
  • Energy costs = < conventional method
  • Maintenance = < conventional method